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Sports Performance

Sports Performance in Dillon, Montana

At Pursuit Chiropractic our mission is to support healthy lifestyles and our core belief is that exercise should be at the center of that lifestyle. Our functional training facility gives our community a space where you can support your fitness journey, no matter if you’re a seasoned athlete or just getting started. We offer high level coaching and fitness programming along with classes to get you started if you’ve never been in a gym before or it’s been a while!

Our gym is open 7 days a week from 5am-11pm and if classes are your thing, we have one that is right for you!

Pursuit Prime: Never been to a gym or has it been a while? This is the class for you! We teach movements and functional training to get you jump started in your fitness journey.

Pursuit Power: Our certified coaches will help teach and perfect your powerlifting techniques. The ability to safely move heavy loads is a cornerstone of functional human movement and our Pursuit Power classes teach you just that!!

Pursuit Performance: Looking for a challenge? These classes are designed to put it all together and push you beyond what you thought was possible! After finishing one of these classes, you’ll realize there is nothing you can’t accomplish if you’re willing to put in the work!

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